Choose the EVENT you would like to book the tickets or reserve the table. ENTER the reservation system by RESERVE or tickect booking system by BOOKING. 


Choose the EVENT in Music club Pantheon that you are would like to buy ticket to. It´s simple, enter the menu and click the Booking tickets and choose from menu amount of tickets, type and sampling point. Ticket will enable you fast entrance to the club, even in case that club is already full and no normal guests are allowed to enter.

You can book the tickets until midnight 2 days before the event  so the proper distribution of tickets s ensured. For example tickets to friday event could be book until wednesday midnight.

By using the BOOKINg you can buy the tickets with sale. If you buy a normal ticket you will get the discount 5 % on each ticket up to 50 % discount. VIP tickets (Kiss Proton Zone and Champagne) are offered also with 5 % discount on each ticket up to 25 %. For example, if you buy 7 normal tickets, you save 35 %, but if you buy 7 VIP tickets, you will get 25 %.

Ticket could be picked up at  Pantheon, restaurant El Cid a El Cid La Provance and  ProCeram company.


Free table reservation is valid until 10 pm, then is table reservation canceled and table is offered to other customers. In case you also buy a tickets for minimum 50 % of available seats. Table reservation could be moved till 22:30. Tickets could be bought with discount from PROGRAM menu.

You can reserve VIP table if you buy minimum 4 VIP tickets or by using the Pantheon club card number. VIP ticket booking can also be made via PROGRAMME and BOOKING section.

Table reservations could be done until club opening in the day of event.

Outdoor places Terrace and garden are open only in good weather conditions.

If you need to prolong the reservation, indicate your requirement in the comment.

Reservation of club zones (Gallery, downstairs POP stage seating area) there is a refundable fee.

Reservation requirements:

-          Gallery -  at least 20 customers, 1000 CZK fee

-          ½ POP stage at least 15 customers, 1000 CZK fee

-          POP stage - at least 35 customers, 2000 CZK fee

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